Fashion Transparency Index 2023 on Wikirate


The underlying data and scores for Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index 2023 are now available on Wikirate.

🔢 The Index scores and ranks the transparency of 250 big fashion brands. The scores detail brands’ public disclosure of human rights and environmental policies, practices, and impacts in their operations and supply chains. A higher score means a company is sharing more information.

🔎 It’s crucial for activists, environmentalists, policymakers, and companies because everyone can check if the disclosures match reality. Transparency underpins sustainability; without it, it wouldn’t be possible to hold companies to account. See an example of this open dataset’s superpower in action.

🙌 Wikirate is thrilled to be able to host the Index data for the 4th year in a row:

View the underlying score data and scores of the Fashion Transparency Index 2023 on Wikirate




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