WikiRate hosts the Fashion Transparency Index 2021

2 min readJul 8, 2021


For the second year running, WikiRate has partnered with Fashion Revolution to host their Fashion Transparency Index on our open data platform.

The Fashion Transparency Index 2021 ranks 250 of the world’s largest brands according to how much they disclose on social and environmental policies, practices and impacts. The Index incentivises brands to be more transparent and encourages them to disclose more information about their operations and supply chains.

We believe the highest standards of transparency should not only be applied to brands, but also baked into the practice of corporate benchmarking to ensure that everyone has equal access to fully understand how and why company scores are allocated. This is why we are delighted to work with Fashion Revolution who are committed to making their Index accessible in an open data format.

Our partnership with WikiRate allows us to share our data with the world under an open data license and makes it possible for organisations to seamlessly integrate the Fashion Transparency Index into their campaigning - Sarah Ditty, Global Policy Director at Fashion Revolution

Our unique Open Benchmarking System makes it possible for anybody to drill down into the underlying data, sources and scoring mechanisms behind the high-level Fashion Transparency Index scores and understand how the brands were assessed.

As well as enabling greater transparency and accessibility of benchmarking data, we also facilitate data sharing through our API so that organisations can integrate these benchmarks into external tools and campaigns.

Later this year, data from the Fashion Transparency Index 2021 will be integrated into the Fashion Checker — a tool created by Clean Clothes Campaign to shine a light on wages in supply chains.

This integration will increase the number of brands covered by the Fashion Checker and allow Clean Clothes Campaign to deliver more data on brand living wage policies into the hands of worker organizations campaigning for better wages.

At WikiRate, we are committed to opening up these kinds of datasets to the public and ensuring that organizations working for positive change have the evidence they need to power their advocacy work.

Access the full Fashion Transparency Index 2021 dataset and explore each brand’s score at

This project has been supported by a grant from the Laudes Foundation




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